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Hi! I'm Marie!

As a Business Automation Expert & a Virtual Executive Assistant. I aim to serve, support, and service the needs of your business! My expertise creates a seamless workflow and an excellent client experience through tech-based systemic integrations and tool automation. I strive to guide you to the gateway to your peace of mind by providing administrative support that allows you to regain focus on fulfilling your passion. Never heard of such a combination? Well, welcome to a life-changing experience!

How I Can Automate & Support You

I am committed to serving you.

Business structural automation provides consistency on your business workflow and secures a strategic customer journey.



Social media services open up new ideas on working with existing customers and strategic ways to gain new clients.



Administrative support helps businesses get those time consuming extra tasks done that a business owner may not have time to do or may not want to hire an employee.



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It is our attitude at the beginning of a difficult choice which, more than anything else, will affect its successful outcome.


Randolph Braxton

Bottom line, I needed help and needed it quickly. Marie, created a trusting foundation and helped me straighten things out. I am an aspiring Influencer with many tasks to juggle. Marie manages my email, calendar, handles my bookkeeping and social media platforms. Personally I enjoy working with her, I feel at ease knowing the work will get down without the pressure of deadlines

Michael Johnson

Marie was so sweet and great to speak with. Our consultation was quick and informative. Her site is easy to navigate and her pricing plans are very reasonable. She is highly organized and has helped me rebrand my company. I am truly grateful for her assistance and I recommend her Royal Services!

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