8 Items to Include in Your Virtual Assistant Welcome Packet to Welcome Your Clients

October 3, 2022

Virtual Assistant Welcome Packet

Having a virtual assistant welcome packet will lighten your clients and reassure them that they choose to work with the right person.

You may think having the welcome packet is an unnecessary hassle, but we can assure you it is well worth it. You have everything to gain by knowing your clients, for example, starting your relationship on the right foot may lay the foundation for a long-term partnership.

It will also lay the foundation for a trustworthy and professional working relationship with your client. You need eight important items in your virtual assistant welcome packet to enjoy these benefits. But first, understand the meaning of a welcome packet.

Virtual Assistant Welcome Packet

What is an Assistant Welcome Packet?

A welcome packet is also known as a client onboarding kit. It is a document that details everything the client would need to know about your working relationship and their project. Simply put, it is a road map that leads your client through your services, work processes, and policies.

Similar to any boarding practice, a welcome packet is a good starting point for future relationships with your clients. It communicates only the vital details about your business to the customer.

The idea is to make your clients understand what you’ll do and when you’ll do it. The welcome packet also allows your new client to seek clarifications on additional questions they may have at the start of your working relationship.

A welcome packet will help you achieve the following objectives.

  •         Properly welcome a client and thank them for choosing to do business with you
  •         Assure the client they were right to hire you
  •         Set boundaries and manage client expectations
  •         Explain to the client details of your business processes
  •         Outline important details to your clients

Now, let’s find out the vital details you need to include in your welcome packet.

1. Welcome Letter to the Client

The objective of this letter is to make the client feel appreciated for choosing to work with you. Then, reassure them that they were right to choose you as their virtual assistant.

Don’t forget that the client made a financial commitment when hiring you. Therefore, it would be best to ease any new client fears they may have about working with a virtual assistant.

That is particularly important if your research on the client indicates they have never worked with a VA before. Outlining your working relationship expectations at this stage will make the client feel at ease.

2. Client Questionnaire

It would be wise to take advantage of getting to know each other moment to learn a few more details about your client. At this moment, your client will be more open to sharing such information with you.

Remember, the details the client shares with you are vital in delivering quality services. For example, understanding your client’s business objectives can help translate the client’s expectations of you.

Also, understanding the client’s customers will, for example, determine the type of content you will develop for their website. If you are a social media manager VA, it can influence decisions such as when to schedule your posts.

Therefore, the client onboarding questionnaire you include in the welcome packet should help you gather the following details about your customer.

  • The client’s contact information
  • The client’s strategic business objectives
  • Business automation tools used
  • Social media and website information
  • Payment details

Virtual Assistant Welcome Packet

3. The Virtual Assistant Working Contract

Conduct a quick preview of your engagement contract. It doesn’t have to be the full contract document. Highlight only the vital elements that set the boundaries of your working relationship and define expectations.

Highlight details such as:

  • Tasks to be performed
  • Payment rates
  • Payment due date
  • KPIs agreed upon

4. Service Package Overview

You probably have heard one of your virtual assistant pals complain that their client wants them to perform more duties than initially agreed. It happens when you fail to review your VA service package.

You need to review and agree on the services you will provide and any deliverables.

At this point, it would also be best to agree on who will cover any costs incurred in executing some of these services. For example, discuss who will cover the costs of the automation software that require a monthly subscription.

5. Communication Details

Communication is a vital component in building a long-term relationship with your clients. Therefore, it is equally important to agree on how you will communicate with your clients.

Here is a guide of communication details you can agree with your client.

  •         How often will you be giving the client updates
  •         The preferred means of communication (Social media, email, phone call, etc).
  •         The maximum time either of you should take to respond to email communications

6. Automation Tools

Your virtual assistant welcome packet is the perfect time to chat about business automation tools with your client. If you are already using a project management tool like Trello or Clickup, now would be the perfect time to integrate the client into the system and offer them a tutorial on how it works.

Integrating the client into such systems minimizes inefficiencies in completing client projects. The client can review the task progress and ask for changes before completing tasks.

7. Invoicing and Payment Procedures

Payments can bring major conflicts with clients, especially about payment methods, payment intervals, and billing methods. That’s why you need to be clear about these elements from the start.

Discuss the terms of payment with your client. let them know if you prefer an hourly rate or a project-based payment system with your client. Next, agree with the client on any down payment to be made and the installment to be paid, and at what intervals.

That again brings about the issue of invoice frequency. Also, remember to discuss how long the client should take to service an invoice after you have sent them one.

Finally, talk about the payment method that is convenient for both parties. An example of payment platforms you can use include PayPal, Payoneer, or Stripe.

8. Closing Remarks

Remember, this was just an introduction to a working relationship with your client. Therefore, once again, you can conclude the welcome packet on a warm note by reassuring the client you look forward to working with them.

Also, offer them directions on where to go next after this. For example, they can start by familiarizing themselves with the tools you just set up for them.

Virtual Assistant Welcome Packet

Learn More about Designing Your Virtual Assistant Welcome Packet

Now that you know the eight things to include in your welcome packet, how can you design one today? Find the answers in the Royal VA Community. We have numerous experienced VAs in the group who are ready to share tips they have used to make attractive welcome packets for their clients.




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