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Hi, I’m Marie! There is so much to unpack and unfold, but why not speak on what’s relevant?

Royal Executive Assistant LLC, aka the REAL, was founded officially in July 2020 but has existed without the honorable title since 2013. This company was conceived one night in between passion and desire.

Royal Executive Assistant LLC was built on a foundation of faith and a dream that I would one day proudly represent a brand that shined in glistening lights and rated a successful company. Well, I’m getting there, but I am definitely making history.

Who am I? Marie Lewis, a young faith-based pioneer. Some may say I am a passionate, busy-body who is talkative, sometimes (always) crazy, but an overall positive and energetic human being. Yeah, that pretty much sums it up. 

“I had a burning urge to support others and a need to service those who aspired to fulfill their passions.”

meet the rest of the team

we’re a talented group of gals

business automation and virtual assistant


Cris is our lead tech va. She specializes in many areas but enjoys automating email marketing and tech software.

business automation and virtual assistant


Joy is our content coordinator. She manages our social media accounts and also dabbles in the world of automation!

business automation and virtual assistant


Winnie is our content writer. She creates art through words and builds our website traffic through SEO optimization.




The only real prison is fear, and the only real freedom is freedom from fear.

Don’t stop yourself from breaking free from things that are currently in your control, but slowly slipping out of your control.


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