Did you know that your business requires at least 5 online forms to stand a better chance of remaining competitive? We live in a digital era where businesses need customer data to provide the best offering. However, some laws protect consumer data privacy to avoid violating customer privacy.

Web forms are the reasonable compromise available to businesses in collecting the customer data you need. They are convenient tools for collecting data that consumers provide voluntarily.

Therefore, you will have the data you need to inform your business strategy development process. And it will not come at the cost of being unethical by violating the privacy of your customers.

Online Forms


What Are Web Forms

A web or HTML form is an online page allowing user input. It allows users to enter data or personal information that is then sent to a server for processing. These forms occur as an interactive page that imitates a paper document or form, whereby users fill out particular fields.

There are no rules regarding the format, length, appearance, or content type of your web form. Instead, you prepare a web form that meets your business needs and will help you gather all the information you need from your leads.

The following are some major web forms your website should not miss.

1. Contact Form

There is hardly any competitive website that does not have a contact form embedded in the contact page. It is a web form that contains fields that require leads to indicate their name, contact information, and a message field.

Contact forms are a great way for your business to collect customer information and gather new leads. It is an efficient way for you to filter messages and keep the spammers away.

The contact form should be easy to find on your business website. For example, you can associate it with a call to action such as “Contact Us” or “Customer Support.” Customers associate such buttons as the link to your contact form.

On the other hand, your contact form should be simple to fill out yet authoritative so that your leads are not hesitant to fill it. Therefore, it should contain only the three main fields (Name, contact information, message).

You can add drop-down fields on the message field to make the form “conversational” to prevent abandonment. The idea is for your leads not to feel like they are required to create a creative message. Instead, they will just be involved in a simple Q&A session.

Online Forms


2. Lead Capture Form

Are you looking for new leads to add to your sales funnel? A lead generation form is an excellent way to go about it.

The lead capture form helps you convert your website visitors into leads. They encourage your website visitors to provide basic information such as name, company, email address, and sometimes the phone number.

Some businesses may prefer to present them as subscription forms. They are the tempting pop-up forms that appear on a website and inform you of this amazing offer you cannot resist.

3. Order Form

If your website includes an e-commerce functionality, it is no brainer that you need an order form. The form prompts sales conversions on your website. Therefore, they are necessary for pushing your leads down the sales funnel.

The order form allows website visitors to place an order for a product or service on your website. It also allows you to gather vital customer information that will be relevant in delivering the product to the customer’s doorstep. These details include:

  •         Name and last name
  •         Street address
  •         Delivery address
  •         City/State
  •         Contact number
  •         Email address

4. Online Payment Form

The order and payment form go hand in hand. Once a customer completes ordering from you, they will need to pay for the product or service. The online payment form ensures that your customers can enter their credit card or debit card details to facilitate the purchase.

The most critical aspect of the payment form is security. Your customer wants to be assured that their credit or debit card details will not be stolen after using them on your website. Therefore, only integrate your payment forms with the safest payment processing companies, such as PayPal, Stripe, Square, or Authorize.net.

Also, make sure that your payment form is embedded on your website. Customers hate it when they are redirected to a different place to complete payment. Some customers will even abandon their order for fear of being conned or their credit card details being stolen.

An online payment system also requires trust. Therefore, your payment should include a breakdown of the payment, including any taxes or discounts involved. Moreover, you can also integrate your payment form with tools like slack to get notifications when a customer places and pays for an order.

Online Forms


5. Customer Feedback Form

Feedback is vital for your business. It lets you know what customers think about your product and services. Such feedback is essential in your customer relationship-building journey.

You can also use the feedback forms to evaluate a product’s performance. The additional benefit is that you create a form that includes drop-down options to help you collect more comprehensive feedback from your customers.

How Do You Build These 5 Online Forms?

Building online web forms is easier than you may think. Just make sure you are using Cognito Forms to create your forms. The builder contains unlimited templates you need to build your form. It also has available resources, such as user guides and the customer support you may need whenever you feel stuck when creating your web form.

Are you trying to figure out the best online CRM software for small businesses? We would be lying if we told you the process isn’t overwhelming. However, you should be glad to know that you have reached that crucial point of making your business competitive.

An excellent CRM software should help your business efficiently manage your customer data and streamline your sales process. And it should not require numerous tools or systems to help you accomplish this.

SuiteDash is the perfect software to help you accomplish this.

Online CRM Software for Small Business


Source: SuiteDash

What is SuiteDash?

SuiteDash is a cloud-based client dashboard software that integrates all business capabilities and tools. It is designed to provide users with a more solid alternative to learning and implementing several systems. Think of it as a system with the automation tools you need for your small business.

Its affordability and efficiency make it more suited for small and medium-sized enterprises. SuiteDash offers businesses a powerful platform to handle customer relationships, manage projects, track time, develop viable schedules, and perform sales and marketing strategies.

There is more…..

SuiteDash can be customized based on your business needs. Therefore, you can manage projects by tracking progress and updating tasks for your team members. Here are some ways SuiteDash can benefit your business.

1. CRM Automation

SuiteDash automates your CRM, making it easier for you to organize and interact with your contacts. It allows you to classify your contacts (leads, prospects, and clients). The role you assign to each contact is determined by their movement through your sales funnel.

You also have the freedom to customize your client’s portal. The software offers you the freedom to replace all spaces with their name/logo and replace it with your business branding. That includes using your brand colors and a customized URL.

The software also automates actions for your contacts depending on the classification. For example, you can send automated customized onboarding messages for every new lead you add to your contact list.

Furthermore, it automates repetitive client management tasks like invoicing, file sharing, and private messaging. Hence, saving you a lot of time.

Online CRM Software for Small Business


2. Cloud File Storage and Transfer

You don’t have to worry about running out of storage space or losing vital client records from your database. SuiteDash is a Software-as-a-Service (SAAS) tool that is fully cloud-based. Therefore, all your data and files are stored in a secure SSL encrypted server environment.

Having a cloud-based system in your business means you don’t have to be worried about losing vital data. The system will automatically manage, maintain, and back up all the data.

The stored data can be remotely accessed using a web browser or mobile device. Moreover, you can securely share relevant files and information with your clients online. For example, you can send your client a contract online for them to sign.

3. It is Cost-Effective for a Small Business

One of the reasons startups shy away from automation is the costs involved. Despite understanding the competitive advantage of business automation, entrepreneurs cannot afford some of the available tools. And sometimes, the affordable tools fail to deliver the desired output for your business.

The story is very different for SuiteDash. It will save you from investing in multiple tools and the software you need for business automation. It comes as a centralized system for all these tools and software at the same affordable price.

And you don’t have to pay immediately. SuiteDash offers you a 14-day trial before paying your selected plan. The starter plan is available for an affordable monthly rate of $19.

4. Email Marketing

When choosing a business automation tool, you always want to know how it adds value to your email marketing. Because email marketing is now an affordable marketing technique for small businesses.

SuiteDash has a unique way of adding value to your email marketing through its drip campaigns feature. The attribute allows you to add contacts to your marketing lists easily and automatically move them to new email lists based on triggers or actions.

The drip sequence lets you send automated emails to contacts after subscribing to your email list. You can automate the process by creating several emails that will go out in a cycle in a sequence. For example, day 1, 3, 7, 14, 21….etc.

You can simplify this process by first creating customized email campaign templates. Having a prepared template helps you avoid the hassle of preparing a new framework from scratch whenever you want to send emails to your contacts.

5. Easy Integration

SuiteDash integrates with popular apps and software seamlessly. Examples include Zapier, Paypal, WordPress, Stripe, QuickBooks, and Zoom. Its integration attribute is inbuilt, so no configuration is required when integrating it with other features.

It is also mobile compatible. Therefore, making it easier to manage your clients from your smart devices. Your customers enjoy the same efficiency on the other end.

Online CRM Software for Small Business


How do You Enjoy the Features of This Online CRM Software for Small Businesses?

SuiteDash is all about integration. Therefore, it requires you to have an integrated business system for you to enjoy all the features it has to offer. We will help with integrating your system here to help you concentrate on the frontend aspects of your business. Once the integration is complete, you can sit back and enjoy all the benefits SuiteDash has to offer your business.




You can deliver a stellar client experience by getting the best out of the Dubsado client portal. And you can achieve it with minimum stress while sparing enough time to accomplish other business goals.

However, it will require you to streamline your workflows for improved efficiency. That means creating a workflow that prioritizes your customer’s needs and sets them on a tremendous customer journey.

Here is a guide on setting up such streamlined workflows yourself.

Dubsado Client Portal


What is a Workflow?

A workflow is a series of automated steps that you follow to complete a task. Dubsado allows you to automate most of your client’s workflow processes. It helps you avoid duplicating effort and free up time and resources to focus on other core activities in your business.

Automation with Dubsado allows you to apply workflow to a project and let Dubsado automatically run the steps for you. Your main goal when automating will be to set up the entire client process in Dubsado, from the beginning of your project to the end.

So, let’s find out how you do this.

Test the Process Manually

If you visit a professional mechanic, they will want to test your car to have an independent diagnosis of the car’s problem. After fixing the problem, they will take the car for a test run to ensure it is functional.

You need to adopt a similar approach for your workflows. The idea is to get an insight into how the system works for both the client and you as the service provider. You will need a sample client email to complete the testing process.

Log into your Dubsado account and send forms or emails into the sample client email. Now use an incognito window to log into Dubsado as a client.

Check to see if you can see the forms and emails you sent as a service provider. Also, perform other checks, such as whether you can sign your contract, book appointments, and even apply a payment to an invoice.

Dubsado Client Portal


Insert the Steps into a Workflow

The manual testing stage was also an opportunity for you to rehearse the steps involved in your processes. These are the steps you will automate using Dubsado by turning them into a workflow.

The great news is that creating these workflows in Dubsado is unbelievably easy. The process is almost self-explanatory at each stage. However, it would be best to prepare all the client processes you want for the workflow in advance.

You can trigger workflows through the following actions.

  •         Completing lead capture form
  •         Manually applying a workflow to a project
  •         A workflow element being used in a lead capture form

Approve the Steps

One of the email etiquettes for customer service is editing emails before sending them. When you have automated your systems, this may not be a necessary step for all emails. However, there are still those that you would prefer to review before you send them to your clients. For example, when you want to add some personalized touch to automated emails.

And it is not just the emails. There are steps in your workflows that you feel may need your approval to ensure everything is working correctly.

In such a case, Dubsado saves you from the hassle of manually keeping track of such workflows. Instead, all you need to do is add a workflow step “Create todo” (assign it a specific name like “Edit {{client.firstName}} ‘s inquiry email”) before the step that needs editing. Dubsado automatically creates the task for you and adds it to your task list on the action you need to perform.

Refine Your Workflow

Did you know that you can refine your workflow even further? You can do this by adding the following to your workflows:

  •         Project statuses
  •         Tags
  •         Todos

Project statuses enable you to organize your projects by categorizing them into various stages of completion. For example, contract sent, deposit paid, proposal sent. It helps you avoid the possibility of Dubsado classifying your projects using default statuses. Tags help you improve the organization of your projects in Dubsado.

Dubsado Client Portal


Utilize Smart Fields in Your Canned Emails and Forms

Dubsado offers you several default canned emails and the option to create or edit these templates. Canned emails are email templates you can utilize in workflow or send one-offs to your clients.

Dubsado also offers you smart fields (text fields for automatically inputting the relevant information into a field). You will use these when sending your clients emails, proposals, and contracts. They eliminate the need to manually input every detail you need when sending forms or emails to your customers.

Record Personalized Videos to Welcome the New Clients

One of the reasons for automating using Dubsado is to improve your relationships with clients. What other better way to make your new clients feel valued than sending them a personal welcome video?

The welcome video should be different from other new customer emails like the onboarding email or new client checklist.

The video should be brief, informing the customer how grateful you are they chose to work with you. Remember to mention their name in the video to convince them it was specifically for them. Also, remember to add an approval step before they are sent to your customer.

Dubsado Client Portal


Are You Looking to Get the Best of Dubsado Client Portal?

Automation through Dubsado offers you more possibilities than you can imagine. However, you must always be ready to take advantage of these opportunities.

You will be in a much better position to get the best of Dubsado if you first integrate and streamline your system. And we are the integration experts to help you create your web-based Dubsado form.


To compete in the business world today, you have to learn how to improve customer experience in your business. With this knowledge, you stand a chance to make good money from implementing the strategy.

A study by the Temkin Group found that a moderate increase in customer experience produces an average revenue increase of $823 over three years for a company with about $1billion in annual revenues.

The financial benefits are not limited to the revenues you earn. The good times extend to the costs you save from having a good customer experience in your business. According to a Harvard Business Review study, improved customer experience will help your business save on operational costs. It also improves the likelihood of returning business from a customer by 74% in a year.

As you can see, evidence points to more benefits for improving your customer experience. So, let’s find out how you can improve customer experience in your business.

How to Improve Customer Experience


Use Technology to Improve Your Experience

Customer experience entails the full journey a customer has with your business. It covers all the interactions the customer has with your company from the point of lead conversion to support after purchase.

As you can imagine, that is a long journey. Luckily you have the advantage of technological innovations to make the experience memorable for your customers.

For example, automating your clients’ processes with Dubsado makes this journey a seamless transition for your customers. Imagine a system where your clients can schedule an appointment online. In addition, they can have their transactions, including order fulfillment, completed online without leaving their house. And as a bonus, they can also receive personalized communications from your business even when they least expect it.

These are a few hints of the experiences your customers could benefit from a single automation system. Remember, the result of automation is a win-win for you and your customer. Now take a and think how you and your customers would have it easy if you employed other complementary technologies to improve this experience.

Personalize and Customize Your Customer Interactions

Today, customers are informed. They already know that every business is using technology to seduce them. As a result, most customers aren’t responsive or consider these general tactics as exhaustive.

No person, including you, wants to be treated as a money bag. Customers want to feel valued before they develop trust with your business.

Therefore, you need to develop such a relationship with your customers. That requires you to personalize your interactions with your customer. For example, it is hard for a customer not to click on an email with their name. It is also hard for a customer to bypass a newsletter that focuses on what they like or need.

Such personalized relationships with your customers will eventually soften even the most stubborn leads that come your way. It becomes easier for customers to trust your business, hence enjoying the overall customer experience journey.

How to Improve Customer Experience


Empower Your Employees

Did you know that employees are the internal customers of your business? In that case, you cannot expect to improve the experience of external employees if your employees are not happy and motivated. After all, they are the people your external customers interact with through the stages of their customer experience journey.

There is no way a customer will enjoy the experience if an angry employee is serving them. Your employees need to enjoy working in your business to pass on that great experience to your customers willingly.

For example, your employees will be happier to work in your company when they see you listen and value their ideas. Always remember that engaged employees are more likely to be in a helping for your customers.

Let Customers be Your Guide

Please do not forget you are doing this for your customers. Therefore, it would be best to let them advise you on what works best for them. Let your customers inform you what counts as a good experience for them.

The first step to creating a customer-centric business is requesting feedback from your customer to know what they expect from you.

Your customers’ feedbacks are full of insights, issues, and inputs on how to improve your large. You can use this feedback as a guide on how to improve the customer experience in your business.

Try as much to leverage on social media. It is a good medium for building relationships with your customers. It is also a good place for gathering feedback from your customers.

Make it Part of Your Customer Culture

Improving customer experience in your business should not be a one-time thing. Instead, it should be an approach incorporated into your business model.

It would help if you made it part of your corporate culture.

As the business owner, lead by example in improving your customer experience. You can set the example by enhancing the customer experience for your internal customers (employees). Then they will follow suit by extending the experience to your external employees.

How to Improve Customer Experience


Need Help to Improve Customer Experience in Your Business?

You will be glad to know that we are more than one to help you walk the talk. We can help you build a straightforward client experience that will keep your clients coming back. And all we need from you is to be the boss of how you want it done by choosing the automation package that best works for you.



Your search for the perfect email marketing strategy for B2B ends here. That’s bold of us to make this claim. But here is the reason.

A study by DMA on email marketing found that for every $1 you spend, there is an estimated average $38 return on investment (ROI). The study also found out that consumers who purchase products via email spend 138% more due to the numerous email offers. The same study also revealed that 9 in every 10 clients perceive email marketing as a channel of great strategic importance in achieving business goals.

These claims are further reinforced by findings from a Pew Research Center study that about 73% of millennials consider email their preferred business communication means. These findings add weight to the claims that email is the third most influential information source for B2B audiences.

email marketing strategy for b2b


So What Does This Mean for Your Business?

“How can I make the $38 ROI a reality in my business?” Well, settle down because that’s all we will be talking about in this discussion.

Understanding the Hype between Email Marketing and ROI

You probably wonder what the fuss is about between email marketing and ROI. As an entrepreneur, you want to ensure that the limited resources you have are spent prudently. Therefore, it would be in your best interest if you are sure that the business decisions you make have a better financial impact.

For example, you want to ensure that the resource you commit to marketing can guarantee improved sales and revenues. But how do you measure this impact from your marketing efforts?

That is a challenge if you are reliant on other traditional forms of marketing. However, you can track and measure the ROI for email marketing if you are using the right tools. Among the key performance indicators, you can use to determine your ROI on email marketing include.

  •         Email open rates
  •         Click-through rates
  •         Lead conversion rates
  •         New leads generations rates

You now have a clear idea of why we are saying this strategy has the potential of delivering you $38 ROI for every dollar you invest. So, let’s discuss how you make this email marketing strategy for B2B work for you.

Build an Email List

The effectiveness of your email marketing campaign is largely dependent on the quality of your email list. In the case of B2B, building an email list enables you to attract subscribers specific to your business and marketing goals.

You will always know what content is right to send what clients without the possibility of your email ending up in their spam box. You will also have developed a relationship with this client from the early stages.

Therefore, you will better understand what email marketing approach works best for them. Remember, we still don’t want you to spend more resources than you have to on your email marketing campaigns.

email marketing strategy for b2b


Personalize Through Segmenting Your Audience

Personalization is crucial in improving your email marketing performance. You need to segment your email list based on shared traits. Segmentation depends on the customer targeting approach you are using in your email marketing. Here are some of the segmentation approaches you can adopt.

  •         Segmentation by subscriber engagement-who are active? Who needs re-engagement campaigns? Who are inactive?
  •         Segmentation by persona- what personality traits best describe your subscribers?
  •         Segmentation by purchase behavior- what products or services interest your different customers?
  •         Segmentation by where customers shop- do they prefer online or physical stores?

With such a segment email list, it becomes easier to pursue your marketing objectives. You will be able to send better-targeted communication, which will improve your clients’ relationships. It also creates interest among the target clients because the email subject lines will be something that intrigues them to open or respond to your emails.

Leverage on B2B Email Marketing Software

Did you know that you can automate almost the whole email marketing process? Such automation helps you save a lot of costs in your email marketing campaigns. It is one attribute that separates email marketing from other marketing efforts.

Software such as Mailchimp and HubSpot comes with a wide array of features and support you need to automate your email marketing. Such automation features also make it possible to personalize your email campaigns.

On the other hand, this software can be integrated into the rest of your CRM systems. Therefore, it also improves your lead nurturing process. Remember, nurturing these leads will help improve your sales cycle.

Track and Measure Your Performance

How will you determine your progress in achieving the $38 ROI? You need to measure your progress based on the KPI metrics you have established for your email marketing campaign. Examples of such metrics include opens and clicks, website traffic, conversation rates, and e-commerce data.

The great news is that most of the available marketing software has the right tools to help you track your performance. The reports they generate will help inform your decisions on what needs to be improved to achieve the targeted ROI.

email marketing strategy for b2b


How to Make this Email Marketing Strategy for B2B Work for You

Are you already excited about revamping your email marketing strategy? Why wouldn’t you when you got all the tips to make it work? Here is one last secret we may not have shared earlier.

We will actively help you with email marketing that will give you results. We will kick start your email marketing efforts by helping you automate and integrate all your systems. Or in other words, we will do more than half the work for you.


Are you aware that “how to use Mailerlite to build customer trust” is now a hot topic of discussion online? The use of Mailerlite to develop lasting relationships with customers is one of the competitive tactics businesses are using today.

Through email marketing, you have a chance to sell your products and services while also developing relationships with your customers. Mailerlite is one of the versatile email marketing tools to help you achieve this.

Therefore, here is how you can use this tool to build customer trust.

How to Use Mailerlite to Build Customer Trust


Source: Mailerlite

Interaction Tracking

Have you ever chatted with someone using text or email and realized that they have no idea what your previous discussion entailed? Or have you ever called someone close to you, and they start the conversation by asking you who you are?

That simple question or realization is a definite conversation killer. Even after the person corrects their mistake, the conversation will not be the same. It is the same feeling your customer gets whenever they try to get in touch with you and realize you have no clue about them.

It creates the impression that you do not maintain a close relationship with your customers. The whole experience may cause the customer to want to cut ties with your business. Statistics indicate that about 89% of customers will return to a business after having a positive customer experience in their last interaction. Such an experience does not count as one of those positive experiences.

The great news is that Mailerlite can save you from such embarrassing situations. MailerLite allows you to add notes on your leads by clicking on the emails you have collected. The tool provides you with a record of how many times you have interacted with your leads using email.

Additionally, it provides statistics of how your customers have responded to your interactions based on emails opened or clicked. Such features will help you cultivate your relationship with customers. These records are also important in informing you of any customers you have not been engaging with for long.

How to Use Mailerlite to Build Customer Trust


Lead Management

One of the reasons you are becoming frustrated with your marketing efforts is that you are chasing down the wrong leads. Not every lead you generate has the potential to become a future customer. Moving leads through a sales funnel can be both times consuming and expensive. Hence, it would help if you only chased the right leads with a higher potential to become customers.

Mailerlite helps you segment your leads into groups based on the level of responsiveness to your email marketing efforts. High responsiveness to your email interactions indicates that the lead is interested in what you are offering.

When grouping the leads, prioritize those who have answered your email. You can also have a group for those that have opened your email. They, too, have a higher probability of being translated into potential customers. All these are statistics from your MailerLite tool.

Contact Management

At some point, growth will be inevitable for your business. When this happens, you will have many customers to manage and keep satisfied. You’ll need to keep records of your customers’ names, phone numbers, and emails. Therefore, it is logical to assume that the amount of contact information you hold will increase as your business grows.

MailerLite can help you manage all these contacts to build value for your customers. The “All Subscribers” section of this tool helps you see the full collection of emails you have collected. Clicking on any of these emails will help you see all available additional information relating to these emails.

You may also use the tool to regain touch with a lost customer. You can do it by filtering subscribers on your database based on the relevant search criteria.

How to Use Mailerlite to Build Customer Trust


Source: Mailerlite

Use MailerLite to Build Customer Trust Today

Do not allow yourself to hear all the hype about MailerLite from your competitors. Let’s help you get to begin with automating your emails now. It is the first step to integrating MailerLite into your business systems.

Here is a fact you probably did not know about the changing business environment and paid online communities. Currently, businesses place value addition to customers ahead of selling. For example, have you ever noticed that some businesses continue to keep in touch and add more value to you after purchasing from them? Businesses have been doing this a lot, especially in the past decade.

Value addition is not only reserved for after-sale. Businesses are becoming creative with how they look to add value to their customers. One such creative way is using online communities. Many businesses are now ready to provide you with the platform to collaborate, learn, and share information and knowledge. Because in this digital age, information is power.

Brands are also building communities to move their customer support from the large social networks to more personalized niche spaces. As a business that wants to remain competitive, developing a niche community may also help you connect with customers and build long-term relationships. Here is a guide on how to get there.

paid online communities


What are Online Communities?

An online community is a group of internet users who form a community based on a shared interest. They help amplify conversations to a bigger audience globally.

Businesses are taking advantage of this trend to set up branded online communities. That is according to a survey by Forrester that found that 60% of businesses currently have a branded online community, while 15% of those without were planning to start one soon.


Paid online communities bring together members around a central, shared business-based experience or purpose for expansive online collaboration and growth. And like Soho House, some of these branded communities are paid private members clubs only.

So, why do entrepreneurs prefer such paid branded online communities?

Drive Product Innovation

Branded online communities are more than a marketing or PR exercise. You can use these communities as a business strategy to help you gain a competitive advantage through innovation. The members of these communities are focused on exploring value-adding solutions.

Therefore, they can be a source of rich customer-centered solutions for your business. Because the community you build consists of the people who use the products and services you offer. Thus, they are best suited to point out areas that need improvement.

In 2016, DEWALT claimed that it had saved up to $1 million in R&D costs through its DEWALT Insights Forum. The company further claimed that it had saved about $6 million in R&D costs since it first started the group. The group offered the firm honest feedback on their products that triggered major product innovations.

Improving Customer Retention and Engagement

There are personal reasons why people prefer visiting a medical therapist instead of a support group. One of them is that whatever they say in a therapist’s office is confidential and not subject to judgment. Also, the fact that you are sure that someone is listening to what you say and is ready to act on it puts the therapist ahead of the support group.

Customers feel the same way in a branded online community. Like in the case of DEWALT, customers are confident that the brand listens to the suggestion they have to offer and are ready to implement them. Therefore, they are likely to stick around and be loyal to the brand and the community.

In addition, customers feel more assured of better customer response from their brand in a community. In certain cases, they are likely to receive better responses to their queries from other members, especially on how to use or service a product.

A Chance to Know Your Customers

There is a common saying among gamblers and politicians, “put your money where your mouth is.” There is no better way to know your customers than in an online community. Remember, there are many online communities and social media groups that a person would rather have joined, but they chose your paid branded group.

It means that the person has a genuine interest in what your group offers. Therefore, such are the customers your business should look to understand. Their patterns, complaints, reviews, and suggestions are probably shared by a bigger consumer group. And this may help you offer better services to all your clients.

paid online communities


Minimize Support Costs

One of the primary objectives of a business is to increase revenue while decreasing costs. Branded online communities can help you achieve this objective. A study by the University of Michigan found that customers spent 19% more after becoming members of a brand’s online community.

Another study by Harvard Business Review found that 78% of customers are likely to purchase from the first business that quickly and accurately responds to their inquiries. On the other hand, 53% of customers are likely to abandon their online purchases if they encounter an unresponsive business in their buying process.

All these statistics point in one direction. Customers prefer to work with businesses that keep them engaged and address their concerns promptly. By building an online community, you can therefore serve customers more efficiently, and this may increase your customer retention rate, as well as your overall revenue and profit.

Improve Your Brand’s Impression

We live in an information age. Your online community can be a vital source of information for your prospective customers.

You can design it to be a place customers visit when they want to learn about your product or services. It is an opportunity for you to create a better impression of your brand. For example, providing quick and accurate responses to your customer queries is a plus for your brand.

Also, customers want to see their complaints and suggestions about your products or services taken into consideration immediately.

How to Launch Your Branded Online Community with Circle 

You can be the next entrepreneur to enjoy the benefits of having a branded online community. Circle.so is one of the best online tools to create and run your own online branded community. The tool takes the best part of social media groups and online forums and integrates them into a private platform for exclusive members.

An online community created with Circle can be accessed using a browser or through Circle’s iOS application. There are other benefits of using Circle to create your online community, such as:

  • The ability to view statistics, including how members are interacting with your content
  • You can stream live sessions in the community
  • You can group community conversations by topic
  • You can customize your community space to match your website or brand

Here are steps to follow when building your paid online community

1. Build a Membership Community Landing Page

Begin by developing a public landing on your website. The page displays the plan options for your clients to sign up.

2. Set Up a Membership Plan

You will need to define the target members of your online community. As we mentioned, most branded online communities are presented as private membership clubs. Therefore, these groups prefer to use a paid platform where they can charge members a subscription fee.

Therefore, when creating such a paid branded online community, you have to give a member an option on payment plans. For example, the plan could include a free subscription (limited), one-time payment, multiple payment, or recurring payment.

paid online communities


3. Set Up Circle SSO

You will need to first log in to your Circle account and navigate to the setting icon on the top right. Then, click “Single-Sign-On” and toggle on “Enable SSO.”

4. Invite Members to Join

The easiest way to invite members into your online community is by using Circle’s invitation links. Login to your admin account and navigate to the “members” icon on the top right corner.

Then click on the invitation links tab on the left side menu and fill out the Name, Spaces, and Space groups fields according to your preferences. Use this Circle. so documentation as a guide. Later, click the create button, and a link URL will be created that can be copied and pasted on any page.

You can also use Zapier to automate your invitations. Here is a guide from Circle on how to do this.

5. Launch, Promote and Track

Your community cannot exist without members. Therefore, you need to launch and promote it to your target audience. Ensure you send emails to your mailing list to invite them to join the group. You can start by offering discounts or free membership for early adopters.

Create Your Community on Circle.so Today

It’s time to create your online community and enjoy the benefits we’ve discussed. The best thing about using Circle.so to create your branded online community is that they have documentation to help you whenever you are stuck. It’s time to create your online community now.

Personalizing your emails using Dubsado smart fields is a bold move. The smart fields minimize your admin work. Hence, you save time to do other value-adding tasks in your business.

There is so much you can do after personalizing your emails using smart fields. In addition, you can also add smart fields to the subject line of your email. Doing so will help you save so much time as it auto-fills the information you have already collected. Therefore, no more manually editing every email, you send to your clients.

So, how do you make all this magic happen? Let’s find that out in the following discussion.

Dubsado smart fields

source: Dubsado


What are Smart Fields?

They are data dictionary items with one or more business functions attached. In simpler terms, it is a text placeholder that you can use in your email and create templates that autofill when added to a project.

Each smart field template is associated with a particular business view. However, smart fields in a template utilize similar business view columns for data selection. It is easy to identify smart fields in your Dubsado as they come with double curly braces. For example, {{client.company.name}}. The following are some details you can autofill into a form with smart fields.

  • Client contact information
  • Date
  • Your business contact information
  • Invoice details
  • Packaging details

What You Should Know About Dubsado Smart Fields

They may be called smart fields, but they are not smart to the levels you may hope. They will not exactly do everything for you. However, you will love that they will save you from having to do repetitive tasks in the future.

While smart fields will help autofill information in your email, they can only do so if the information is already fed into your Dubsado. Therefore, you cannot enjoy the benefits of smart fields without first feeding all the information you want to be featured into your Dubsado. For example, if you want the client’s address to feature somewhere in your email, make sure it is in Dubsado’s system.

The fantastic part is that you don’t have to input this information manually. You can use the Dubsado question mapping feature to capture the relevant information. Dubsado has various fields it can map. Also, you still have the option of developing a custom map for things, not in their list of fields.

dubsado smart fields

source: Dubsado


How Do You Insert a Smart Field in a Dubsado Form?

You can only insert smart fields into text box elements on your Dubsado form by following these simple steps:

  • Add a text box element to your form
  • Click on the text box to edit
  • Click the area in the text where you want to insert the smart filed
  • Click the smart field menu located in the toolbar and click on a smart field to insert into your form.

There you go. You now have a smart field inserted into your form.

Using Smart Fields in Your Canned Emails and Forms

Automating with Dubsado guarantees you several default canned emails. But what are they? They are email templates that you send one-off to your clients or use in workflows. Dubsado offers you the option to edit the canned emails provided in their system. Alternatively, you may build more when the need arises.

There is also the option to utilize smart fields to add all the information you want to field into your canned emails automatically. Adding a smart field to the canned emails means you can now personalize the information automatically added to the emails you send through a project. Here are the steps you will follow to include a smart field in your canned email.

  • Click any area in your text where you would want to insert the smart field
  • Select a smart field from the dropdown menu in the toolbar and insert it.

The process is no different from the one we discussed of inserting smart fields into text box elements on your form. Remember, the smart field will not autofill any information while you are editing your template.

dubsado smart fields


Have You Automated Yet?

There is no reason you should not take full advantage of Dubsado Smart Fields. They are simple to use and will allow you to personalize most of your forms and emails without manually doing it. However, you cannot take advantage of all these benefits if you have not automated your systems in the first place. Why miss out on all these freedoms because of simple automation? We can help you achieve this freedom by automating the business systems for you.

Remote employee onboarding is one of the crucial processes for your business if you want to work with remote workers. Do you remember the first day you reported for work in a new physical company? Do you remember all the nerves you felt arriving in a strange new place where you probably do not know even a single soul? Funny how even the people who interviewed you are always nowhere to be seen.

Anyway, you have an idea of how things would have gone south if no one took the initiative of welcoming and showing you around. The experience is the same for remote workers even though they work from their convenient locations.

That is why you need a solid virtual onboarding process. It will set the tone for the employee’s career and journey in your company. It is also a chance for you to lay the groundwork for your working relationship with the employee.

remote employee onboarding


What is Remote Onboarding? 

It is the process of welcoming new employees into a remote team, introducing them to the business, and helping them understand how their roles contribute to the overall goals. It is similar to onboarding an employee in a physical environment, only that this time you do it virtually.

Some of the tasks involved in this process include giving the employees access to the system, introducing them to other employees, training, and educating them on policies and procedures. Today’s discussion will discuss some challenges you may face during this process and solutions you can explore.

1. Providing Access to the Right Tech and Content 

A recent study found that 90% of remote employees face issues with IT during the virtual onboarding process. It is not a surprise that the new remote employee you hired has no access to reliable internet or the computer they are using does not have the right specs.

In other cases, the employee may not have access to the software you want to be used for your projects. Some of these software are very expensive. Therefore, not every virtual assistant may be able to afford them. All these are issues you need to address for your remote worker to feel settled in the work environment.


Deliver equipment to the new employee: With many reliable courier services available, you can ship the relevant equipment to your employee. If the shipping cost is too high, you can arrange with the new employee to buy the equipment at the nearest electronics depot.

Schedule an IT session with the new hire: one advantage you have is that you are working with someone who knows their way around a computer. Therefore, a meeting with the IT to help them set up the systems required to perform the tasks.

remote employee onboarding


2. Making Onboarding a Monotonous Process

If not careful, you may fail into the temptation of taking the onboarding process for granted. It is not unusual to find a company sending handouts and manuals to the new employee for them to study. The expectation is that the new employee will read the materials and familiarize themselves with the company’s operations.


Personalize the onboarding process: the problem with making the onboarding process a norm is that the new employee may take it for granted too. Also, it ignores the fact every employee has unique needs. Therefore, there is a need to schedule individual online video-call meetings where you can conduct a personalized onboarding. There is also no harm in requesting feedback from the employee.

3. Remote Employee May Feel Isolated

There is a big likelihood that the anxiety of being new may turn into a feeling of isolation, especially if no one is around to welcome you. It is even a bigger challenge for remote workers because they are all alone at home.


Schedule time for connecting with the new hire: one of the onboarding objectives is to make the new remote worker feel like part of the team. Therefore, one of the onboarding meetings should include a team introduction meeting. You can schedule this on the same day you have a meeting with the rest of the employees. It will prove useful in breaking the ice with the rest of the employees. Also, include the new employee in any team-building activities you may have in your business.

remote employee onboarding


4. The Danger of Information Overload

There is the temptation to swamp the new hire with all the required information to perform their tasks. While it may be tempting to equip the employee with the information they require to perform the required tasks, it may be added pressure on them.


Provide a structure for learning new information: having a structure for learning this information would help ease pressure on the new employee. You can ease the information supply through an employee training program. It will be easier to share information related to the employee’s specific duties during the training sessions.

You can also store the information on Google drive, where the new employee can access it whenever required. Hence, it is important to integrate your new hire into the business’s systems to ensure that they can access all the information shared with the team. For example, you can add them to your project management tools such as ClickUp, Trello, or Asana.

Have You Automated Your Onboarding Process

The process of remote employee onboarding may be much more complicated if you have not automated your systems. Most of the solutions suggested here would work best if you have automated your onboarding process. Let’s help you get started by developing custom onboarding journeys by streamlining all your business processes. It is not for your new employees only. We plan to help you create a desirable first impression even when onboarding new clients.


What would you say are the greatest benefits of B2B marketing automation? There is no shortage of answers on this. Some of these answers are informed by theory, while others are from experience.

Statistics by HubSpot revealed that 76% of companies reported to have adopted marketing automation in 2021. On the other hand, about 68% of B2B marketers reported using marketing automation. There have to be logical reasons why such a large number of companies and marketers would invest in marketing automation.

Today, we will be exploring the benefits these companies and marketers are looking to achieve. But first, let’s first understand the concept of marketing automation.


What is Marketing Automation?

Marketing automation is an umbrella term for software, tools, and platforms that automate, streamline and measure workflows and tasks to increase operational efficiency. Such automation includes lead generation campaigns, social media post scheduling, and email marketing campaigns.

It allows you as a marketer to implement a digital marketing strategy without having to go through the traditional manual process. B2B marketing automation will help your team maintain productivity and efficiency while nurturing leads. The following are the benefits of marketing automation.

1. Lead Generation Process Automation

Did you know that marketing and automation software generates leads and contacts based on sales readiness? Imagine having to rely on the manual analysis process to generate leads based on a similar criterion?

There is a reason top marketers rely on marketing automation software to generate their leads. You can always tell whether your business is generating quality leads based on the sales readiness scores generated by this software.

B2B marketing automation allows you to conduct personalized lead nurturing. The analytics of the automation software enables you to understand how your target customers behave online, including what drives them to make purchasing decisions. With this information in hand, you will be able to develop personalized content that will interest the target customer.

benefits of b2b marketing automation


2. Automate Existing Workflows

Did you know that you can improve productivity by minimizing the number of human errors by your employees? B2B marketing automation leverages workflow automation to automate your sales and marketing activities. Here are ways automating your workflows can help you.

  • Save time on repetitive tasks
  • Increase staff productivity
  • Minimize human errors
  • Create streamlined communications

Such workflows are a result of completed trigger actions. Therefore, they help save you a great deal of time by avoiding repetitive tasks.

3. Marketing and Sales Alignment

Have you ever noticed that the sales and marketing teams work like rival departments in certain organizations? That should not be the case because you are working towards serving and generating revenue from the same customers.

Using marketing automation changes the dynamics of these relationships by combining these functions into one software. Teamwork aligns marketing and sales goals and efforts. Statistics show that marketing automation can result in a 14.5% increase in sales productivity while producing a 12.2% reduction in marketing overheads. Such is just a representation of what your business can achieve when aligning these two functions into one software.

Remember how we said that the marketing automation software generates sales-readiness scores? Such reports improve efficiency in the sales and marketing pipeline. The same reports help identify sales opportunities that both teams can exploit.

4. Generate Measurable ROIs for Your Marketing Strategy

No business has enough resources to experiment with numerous marketing campaigns to determine which will produce better ROI.  Luckily, your marketing automation software can help you track data and efficiently analyze ROI.

You can use the same software to streamline your marketing processes and maximize marketing efforts to drive revenue. Moreover, it will help you develop better marketing strategies.

benefits of b2b marketing automation


5. Increase Conversion Rates

Marketing automation generates quality leads and provides insights into target customer purchasing behavior. Such insights allow for creating tailored marketing strategies that target individual leads. For example, through digital marketing for e-commerce, you can create automated marketing campaigns that target your audience at every sale funnel stage.

Moreover, the software will allow you to analyze your marketing strategy to determine whether it is working. It will also help you track your leads and will enable you to re-target website visitors who do not convert.

Are You Looking to Enjoy Benefits of B2B Marketing Automation for Your Company?

It cannot be denied that automation is shaping today’s marketing industry. You, too, can enjoy these benefits by implementing your B2B marketing automation. All you need is our expert help to automate and streamline your systems to the latest industry standards.