In the current business environment, you need to know ClickUp automation examples that can help you grow your small business. ClickUp has a bold slogan, “Save one day every week. Guaranteed.” For a business offering such a bold guarantee, you should find out whether you have taken full advantage of the platform.

There is a reason ClickUp has adopted this powerful slogan. The platform markets itself as a productivity tool offering several time-saving features. They aim to help their clients achieve profitability through more productivity. ClickUp wants to help you avoid wasting your time performing routine, recurring tasks that may reduce your productivity.

In a business, saving time on non-essential tasks is vital to achieving efficiency. It means that you will have more time to spend on other value-adding tasks. Now, who doesn’t want that in their business?

Therefore, your curiosity about more areas you can automate with ClickUp is valid. Let’s review those examples and see whether you got all angles covered in your business.

clickup automation examples


Source: Clickup

Why is Automation Good for Your Business?

In a study conducted among small businesses, 88% of the small business owners claimed that automation enables them to compete with larger businesses effectively. Investing in innovative technologies enables small businesses to achieve efficiency in resource utilization. That offers you a competitive advantage over the big firms.

Automation will help you increase the productivity of your employees while minimizing or eliminating duplication of effort.

Automation also reduces the number of employees required in your firm. Even better, it will help you eliminate the need for permanent employees. Instead, you can rely on virtual assistants to help you perform most tasks.

The following are examples of areas you can automate on ClickUp.

1. ClickUp Dashboards

ClickUp offers over 15 views, including Kanban boards, calendars, timelines, and lists. Therefore, it offers you options to visualize your tasks and perform tasks such as:

  • Gather information from various locations into a single view
  • Provide clients with access to certain need-to-know information while restricting access to other features or details.
  • Provide information to your virtual assistants on various tasks
  • Filter information that does not need to be shown in a given situation.

Some automation features you can take advantage of on the ClickUp dashboard include setting up a client portal for all your customers. The portal will eliminate the need for regular meetings with your clients to update them on the progress of their projects. It will also enable clients to track the progress of their projects, add tasks to the to-do list and chat with you at their convenience.

When creating this portal, ensure that you automate the notifications. Having automatic notifications will enable you to know when your clients set up new tasks. Therefore, you will include these tasks in your schedule and deliver them on time.

clickup automation examples


Source: ClickUp

2. Automate Repeating Processes 

Are you looking to create custom fields on your ClickUp? Automating your repeating processes will help make creating these tasks appear seamless. You can set triggers to facilitate these custom fields only apply to the specific folders you have created for your tasks.

Here is how to do it.

  • Go to the right folder you want to create the custom fields.
  • Click on automate and navigate to the Manage tab.
  • Click the “create automation” button and set the parameters for the automation you want to trigger.
  • Once the task is created, set a custom field and assign the task to one of your VA.

3. Customizable Workflows

Some of the task management tools available in the market will only allow you to know the status of your tasks. For example, you can tell when a task is “in progress” or “complete.”

However, ClickUp workflow automation kicks the status feature a notch higher. It allows you to track the tasks through the various status and customize each workflow to reflect the activities undertaken at each stage. For example, a sales workflow may be in progress, but ClickUp will notify you of the specific actions taking place, such as an offer that has been made.

Such specific notification of a workflow will enable you to make better, more informed decisions on the firm.

4. Move Tasks by Stages

Without automation, you would have to move the tasks on ClickUp manually. You can now automate the process to enable tasks to be moved to the applicable list when the need arises. Here is how you achieve this automation.

  • Click on automate and head to the manage tab.
  • Click the automation button and then set the parameters of the ClickUp automation you want to trigger.
  • After the custom field changes, move to the list in the works.
  • When Custom Field changes, change the status to Complete.

5. Docs on ClickUp

One feature that distinguishes ClickUp from other project management tools is docs. The feature allows you to streamline external and internal communication with a few tools through the stand-alone document center. Among the tasks you can perform using this feature include:

  • Adding real-time comments to docs to allow remote collaboration
  • Adding tasks
  • Inserting tables, gifs, and videos
  • Sharing and managing permissions internally
  • Collating hashtags
  • Team meetings
  • Planning research
  • Managing content ideas
  • Team meetings

You are guaranteed more time saving if you can automate all these tasks using Docs. Time will be saved through reduced meetings with your staff and clients. It also enables you to manage all your templates and business standard operating procedures (SOPs) on a single platform.

Did you know that you can also use Docs to host a team’s SOPs? Hosting them here creates a great reference point for your team. It also allows you to include links to processes and other vital information for your team to access on Doc.

clickup automation examples


Install These ClickUp Automation Examples Now

Your small business cannot afford to waste resources by engaging in manual tasks and duplication of efforts. Luckily, we have presented examples of automating your business using ClickUp. To enjoy benefits, we will help you integrate and streamline your business now.

Have you ever thought about how one becomes an independent virtual assistant? The question may already be confusing for you. After all, the very definition of a virtual assistant is that they are independent contractors who provide professional support services to businesses remotely.

By the look of things, the definition already classifies a virtual assistant as an independent contractor. But the truth is that not every VA is independent as the name suggests. So what do we mean by talking about being independent? Please find out in the sections below.

independent virtual assistant

What is an Independent Virtual Assistant?

For tax purposes, virtual assistants’ definition as independent contractors may apply. However, in reality, not every virtual assistant is independent. Some even work under VA agencies.

However, there are those virtual assistants that work under their terms. That is what today’s discussion is all about. The ability to work under your terms and ensure that your clients are comfortable with your independence. So, how do you achieve this independence?

Manage Your Calendar

You guessed right; your first step to gaining independence is by managing your time effectively. Time is one of the important assets you have as a virtual assistant. How you manage your time will determine the number of clients you can hold and the quality of services you can offer.

Make sure that clients understand you have an existing calendar you respect and are not ready to compromise. Your calendar should allocate time for all activities you perform as a virtual assistant. Therefore, start by developing a daily and weekly to-do list that determines the calendar you create. From the list, which tasks are rigid and flexible so that their scheduled time can be adjusted? That is in case an emergency task needs to be addressed.

As well as maintaining a google calendar, ensure you maintain an offline calendar that includes all your daily events. Also, it does not hurt to have reminders attached to your google calendar. The colored sticky notes are excellent tools for creating reminders in your office.

independent virtual assistant

Time Blocking

How often do you manage to complete your daily to-do list? This is a challenge many VAs face today. You want to do it all, and it ends up hurting your productivity levels. However, sorry to say, but this will not get you the independence you desire as a virtual assistant.

However, you can borrow a leaf from some of the world’s billionaires’ books and employ a time blocking strategy. Now this will set you on a path of independence. It is a strategy successfully employed by billionaires such as Elon Musk and Bill Gates.

Time blocking strategy entails planning your daily events and dedicating specific time “blocks” for certain tasks and responsibilities. That means you dedicate certain hours in your day to specific tasks. The difference is that a to-do list tells you what you need to do, while a time block tells you the specific time you will be doing it.

Time blocking is a strategy to safeguard you against distractions and improve your focus. Being focused on one task at a time helps you improve your level of productivity. Such productivity helps you improve the quality of work you deliver to your clients.

It also means that you can dedicate your focus to certain clients that are crucial to you achieving your independence. Your VA business must know its most important clients and the special attention they need to be accorded.

independent virtual assistant

Review Your Progress with Clients

How often do you take time to reflect on your work? You need to have an allotted time to review your daily progress. Some things you need to review include:

  • What tasks didn’t you complete in yesterday’s to-do list?
  • What caused you not to complete them?
  • Is it something that can be avoided today and in the future?
  • Is there a noticeable change to your client’s needs? Does it present opportunities or challenges for you?

If you can answer these questions, then you’ll be ahead of your clients in the game, and they’ll appreciate working with you every day.

Make Sure Your Clients Understand Your Schedule

Have you ever faced some of those clients that end up wasting your time? Clients who do not want to commit to you specifically but keep you floating around like their backup plan? If you have, maybe it is because you didn’t have a good schedule.

Or the fact that you didn’t make the client understand you had one. The first impression you create on your clients can tell them a lot about your level of independence. For instance, how can you afford to schedule more than one free consultative meeting with a client? It shows your client that either you are not a busy VA or are not independent enough to respect your schedule. Therefore, learn how to work with a schedule and respect it unless you need to make some adjustments.

Become an Independent Virtual Assistant Today

Do you want more tips on how to become an independent virtual assistant? You can access them by becoming a member of the Royal VA Community. You will become a member of an online community geared towards helping you grow and achieve independence.

Did you know that you can create awesome Dubsado proposal templates to improve your brand awareness and customer loyalty? The reality is that when you combine the power of Dubsado with your visual brand, it makes it easier for customers to recognize and trust your brand?

Remember, the real secret is making your Dubsado proposal great. And how do you do that? First, you have to be serious about taking your branding to the next level. Can you be able to develop a Dubsado proposal that captures your target customer?

By the time we conclude this article, your answer to this question will be yes.

awesome dubsado proposal templates

Image by Dubsado

How Do You Create Awesome Dubsado Proposal Templates?

Building a Dubsado proposal is like developing any other form of a template. Only that in this case, you have to add some extra creativity to achieve awesomeness. So, in what ways do you add the touch of awesomeness?

Space and Structure

The layout of your proposal is vital in making a potential customer want to stay. Think of your layout as an entry into a room. You are more likely to feel comfortable when you walk into a clean and organized room rather than one that has everything discarded everywhere.

A disorganized layout will make your customers want to leave in a hurry. However, thanks to Dubsade, it is easy to add columns required in providing structure for your layout. Also, add sections and heading to break your form into flowing pieces that are easy to read.

Moreover, ensure you create enough white space when developing your form. The space encourages your users to focus on essential things in the form.

awesome dubsado proposal templates

Image by Dubsado

Keep It Simple

Part of the objective is to ensure that the customers stick around for long. Therefore, you do not want to overburden them with excess details that may distract them.

Awesome Dubsado proposal templates are simple in terms of style and content. Remember not to get over-excited with your forms when it comes to style. Before adding any element, consider whether it adds any value for your potential customers.

Content is determined by the package templates you choose to add to your form. Adding too many options may confuse your customers as they wonder what to choose and what to leave. Remember, you want your customers to trust your brand, which is not easy when they feel confused.

Show Off

Once in a while, it is good to show off your talents. For example, what made you fall in love with your favorite celebrity? Maybe it is because you feel they are the best talents in their profession. On their part, the celeb has put in the effort to showcase their talents.

What are you trying to sell your customer? Why should the customers trust you that what you are offering is the best over your competitors? Here is your chance to give potential customers a reason why? Including a few examples of your work and customer testimonials throughout the proposal will help put the message across.

Remember, you only want potential customers to connect with you and trust you. Therefore, excess show-off may not come off well to some customers. You do not want to give the customers a reason to think that you are overdoing it or trying too much to sell yourself.

awesome dubsado proposal templates


As stated, a Dubsado proposal should help you gain the trust of your potential customers. Therefore, being transparent with these customers will make it easier to trust you. Are there opportunities to upsell your products or services in your Dubsado proposals?

If there are such opportunities, ensure your customers understand them from the beginning. Avoid playing the game of “hidden costs” with your customers. From the start, your potential customers should have a clear idea of whether the upsell strategy will be employed.

If you are wondering, upsell is a sales strategy where you encourage your customers to buy a higher-end version or upgrade of a product than what they initially intended to purchase. It also includes add- ons that may help you generate revenue.

Build Relationships

Trust cannot exist where there are no relationships. A potential customer should relate with you for them to trust you. When preparing your proposal template, think about your customers.

Have you begun by welcoming them to your work, maybe with a short video? What details do they know about you? Have you included your contact information? Also, what details about their businesses and the problems they face have you included in the proposal. How do you intend to help them solve these problems? Is there a way you can customize your proposal to address the specific needs of your customers? If there is, that is the safest bet for you.

Let’s Help You Create Awesome Templates Today

You now have a good idea of creating awesome Dubsado proposal templates. However, there is so much more to learn to improve your expertise. Luckily, we are always here to help. Get in touch with us for personalized assistance with creating templates that work.

With the right skills, you can become a virtual assistant for real estate investors and build a lifetime career. And the beauty of this career is that you work from home as long as you want.

This means that you do not have to commute to work from the office. And it also means that you can work for local and international clients. That is in addition to working at your preferred hours and days.

Below, we will review how to become a VA for real estate, the services to offer, the skills you should acquire to succeed in this career.

virtual assistant for real estate investors

Services You  Can Offer as a Virtual Assistant for Real Estate Investors

You can offer a wide range of services such as:

1. Creating Real Estate Reports

This entails providing an update on the business products on a specified schedule which may be on daily basis for some clients. It also involves conducting surveys and offering business information and recommendations that impress investors.

2. Real Estate Social Media Marketing

According to a study done by the National Association of Realtors (NAR), 24% of homebuyers in America are 41-50 years old or younger and about 22% of them are first-time buyers. As you can see, both young and older people are always in search of real estate property to buy.

Therefore, real estate investors will need social media marketing to reach these customers. here is where you come in with your virtual assistant skills and help with online marketing.

virtual assistant for real estate investors

3. Real Estate Property Management

This is where a real estate investor outsources your services to oversee and manage their properties in their absence. For example, if you live in New York, your real estate employer could assign you to manage their New York properties.

4. Client Follow–up

You can help real estate investors to follow up with new and existing clients. Some clients may want you to connect and interact with their customers to build trustworthy relationships.

5. Appointment Setting

It involves setting meetings between the real estate investor and their clients. These may be discovery calls or appointments to view the property. You may also organize events for your clients to maximize their return on investment.

6. Responding to Emails

Clients may hire you to respond to their emails, organize emails into folders, create templates, or other email services that your client may hire you to do.

7. Cold–calling services

Clients may hire you to reach out to their potential customers via cold calls, cold emails, LinkedIn outreach, or Facebook outreach. Here is where you need to use your skills to connect to customers and convince them to purchase a product or service.

Skills You Need To Become A Real Estate VA

Here are five main skills you need to become a real estate virtual assistant.

1. Typing

You need typing skills as this job will require a lot of typing and using your computer to communicate with clients and to create and submit fast and accurate reports.

2. Time Management

You will need to submit reports on time, book appointments and ensure you meet clients at the appointed time, and respond to emails fast.

virtual assistant for real estate investors

3. Research Skills

You will have to research the products and services your client is offering so you can understand and be able to sell them to their customers.

4. Communication

Most of the time, you will be interacting with clients online either through writing or calls. Therefore, you need to learn communication skills such as active listening. You should also make yourself conversant with the 7C’s of spoken and written communication which are clarity, correctness, conciseness, courtesy, concreteness, consideration, and completeness.

5. Organization

The same organizational skills required in a workplace will be required of you while working as a VA. This will be seen in the way you plan for events, submit well-arranged reports, and achieve your set goals.

Where To Find Real Estate Virtual Assistance Work

Here are some of the top sites where you can find virtual assistant work, especially if you’re a beginner.

  •         Upwork
  •         LinkedIn
  •         Facebook groups
  •         Indeed
  •         Fiverr
  •         Instagram

Join the Royal VA Community to Learn More

If you’re in the process of becoming a virtual assistant for real estate investors, or you have questions about it, please join our community now. you will get the help you need to break into the real estate VA world.


Did you know that an employee onboarding checklist plays a key role in your organization’s growth? Now you know. An efficient onboarding process contributes to growth by saving you time and helping you create a good connection with your new hires as soon as their first day at work.

If you want this process to be easy for you, you need to create an onboarding checklist. But before we show you what goes in a checklist, here is why an onboarding process is important in your startup.

onboarding checklist

The Importance of an Onboarding Process

Here are five reasons you want to have an onboarding process that doesn’t suck:

  • An effective onboarding process helps new employees feel welcomed and supported.
  • It can help identify and correct any gaps in the employee’s knowledge or skills.
  • It can help ensure that the employee is meeting the organizational expectations and goals.
  • An effective onboarding process can reduce the risk of employee turnover.
  • It can save you a lot of time and money when done correctly

The Components of an Onboarding Process

Now that we’ve established that you need an onboarding process, how can you make it good? The answer is by ensuring that your process has all the right components. Because if you miss out on any component, the entire process may break down on you, especially when you need it the most.

The important things include your goals, key steps, timeline, and communication to the right people. You need to set aside time to outline your goals so that when you start creating the process, it can fulfill your needs.

Also, key steps are necessary because these are the things you must accomplish. They are the things that must be done and cannot be foregone. Finally, you need to determine how you will communicate with your new hire throughout the process. Once you have set all these, then you can start creating your onboarding process.

onboarding checklist

The Onboarding Process

Finally, you need to set up your onboarding process. Here are seven steps showing a general view of how the onboarding process works.

  • Welcome new employees.
  • Orient new employees to the company culture and values.
  • Introduce new employees to the company’s products and services.
  • Train new employees on how to use the products and services.
  • Assess employee productivity and performance.
  • Counsel employees on career growth opportunities.
  • Dispense feedback and provide support when necessary.

Sample Onboarding Checklists

The process above may look easy on paper, but when you start doing it practically, you will find out that you need a checklist to ensure everything goes as planned. Because saying you need to welcome new employees is not enough. You need to outline the important things you need to do during the welcoming for example introducing yourself to these employees.

It would seem rude to some people if you went straight to telling them about their tasks and timelines of projects without introducing yourself first. Also, you have to first introduce your new hires to the company products before telling them that they need to submit product A or product B to a certain customer. Here is a sample onboarding checklist that you can use:

  1. Introduce yourself to your new hires.
  2. Inform new hires of company values and culture.
  3. Orient new hires to your company’s work environment and processes.
  4. Help new hires get up to speed on your company’s key products and services.
  5. Coach new hires on how to succeed in their roles.
  6. Provide new hires with the resources and support needed to be successful.
  7. Promote a healthy work-life balance for all employees.
  8. Celebrate success with new hires

onboarding checklist

Make Your Onboarding 10x Easier with Automation

While it is important to have a well-defined onboarding checklist to ensure that all the necessary steps are taken, doing all the above manually could rob valuable time from your business. We will help you automate your onboarding process today and you will never have to worry about it again. Please get in touch for a quick discussion on how we can help.