How to Start an Email List from Scratch for Your Coaching Business

October 17, 2022

How to Start an Email List from Scratch

Learning how to start an email list from scratch is an essential strategy for all your digital marketing efforts. Your email list is a database of people interested in your coaching business and the services you offer.

A prospective lead who voluntarily joins your email list expresses interest in your resources or is taking steps toward becoming your customer.

Marketers will tell you that these are “warm” contacts for your business. They are customers that have already been introduced or are already aware of your business and services.

It takes minimal resources to convert them into paying customers. Hence why you should learn how to start building your list from scratch today.

How to Start an Email List from Scratch

Why is List Building Important?

According to the DMA marketer Email tracker, for every $1 spent on email marketing, the average expected return is $42. A sound email list is vital to shaping the success of your marketing campaigns.

On the other hand, it will cost you 4 to 6 times more to attract new customers than to retain an existing customer. Therefore, focusing on customer retention will increase your coaching business revenue and sustain your business’s growth. Having an email list for your email marketing will help you retain more customers fast.

Now, here is how to build your email list from scratch.

Choose Your Automated Email Marketing System and Signup

Starting from scratch means putting your house in order first. Don’t be in a rush to get customers’ emails without an idea where you will store them or what you will do with them.

Remember that best email marketing practices dictate that you send your new email list subscriber a welcome email. To do that, you need to have the right email marketing systems.

Setting up these systems is not a complicated task. Start by choosing an email provider who will help you achieve your email marketing objectives.

The popular email providers include:

  • Mailchimp
  • Mailerlite
  • ConvertKit
  • Omnisend

Look at the features of each provider and choose the one that works best for your business.

Create One Opt-in 

Creating an email opt-in should be a simple decision for you. Start by defining your business’s buyer persona. Once you have figured out your ideal client, it will be easier to understand what they value. That will be your perfect lead magnet.

Your lead magnet should help you achieve the following.

  • Generate interest in your paid offer
  • Share valuable information with your ideal client that creates the desire to learn more
  • Provide information to potential leads that will enable them to become better buyers

An example of lead magnets you can use to entice new email subscribers include:

  • Buyer’s guide
  • Ebook
  • A resource that goes with a blog post
  • Free report
  • PDF of a pillar post in your blog
  • Template
  • Checklist

The great news is that you can create these gifts yourself. You can use design tools like Canva to create such an opt-in freebie.

How to Start an Email List from Scratch

Create a Signup Form

It is the landing page for potential leads to sign up for the email list. The landing page should keep your audience focused on a specific campaign. It should tell your leads what you want them to do and then offer them a reason why they should do it.

The following are core elements to include in your signup form:

  • A unique selling proposition (USP)- why should the prospective lead choose you? The USP should appear in your main headline, the supporting headline, and the closing arguments.
  • The hero shot- this is the visual representation of your offer to help the visitors better understand what your coaching services are.
  • Your product features and benefits- provide more details about your product or services and also answer any remaining questions a prospective lead may have about your coaching services.
  • Social proof- these are the social signals that prove to your prospective leads that other people have used, consumed, or participated in what you are offering. A good customer testimonial will do the magic for you.
  • Call to action (CTA)- create an enticing CTA that ties back to your USP. What will your potential lead get in exchange for clicking the CTA button?

Lead Potential Customer to Your Signup Forms

You have to attract visitors to your landing page and website for them to subscribe to your email list. Creating compelling content is one of the effective ways to generate traffic for your website and landing page.

A customer searching for information on coaching services will find your engaging blog on their search engine.

The blog should lead them to your landing pages or website, where you have the signup forms with strategically placed CTAs. Therefore, ensure the content is optimized for SEO.

You may also use paid ads like Facebook and Google to draw traffic to your landing page and website if your marketing budget allows for it.

How to Start an Email List from Scratch

Set Up Your Email Marketing System in the Fastest Way

Start building your email marketing system today for the best results. We will help you create and automate an email marketing system that fits your business needs. Our ultimate goal is to ensure you achieve your freedom through automation.

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