Benefits of Working as a Virtual Assistant Today

October 12, 2022

Benefits of Working as a Virtual Assistant

There are various benefits of working as a virtual assistant today. Most of the time, you’ll see people talking about the benefits clients get when they work with a VA.

The list would be endless if we were to discuss the benefits each individual gets working in the profession. Let’s keep it simple and discuss the general benefits that you will start enjoying when you start working as a VA today.

Benefits of Working as a Virtual Assistant

Why Is Working Remotely Growing in Popularity

Before we get to the benefits of being a virtual assistant, let’s understand why many like you choose this career path. According to the latest virtual assistant working statistics, about 58.6% of the American Workforce worked remotely last year. 41% of these were working as full remote workers.

Of course, the issue of the Covid 19 pandemic inflates those numbers, but that does not tell the whole story. There are already over 67 million freelancers in the US. They form the largest majority of remote workers in the country. That shows that over time, more businesses prefer to hire contract remote workers over permanent employees.

Businesses have realized they can save up to 78% of their operating costs by hiring virtual assistants. In addition, virtual assistants are more productive because of their flexible working schedules. Now, what about virtual assistants? Let’s see the benefits they enjoy.

1. Manage Your Schedule

Many virtual assistants will tell you they were attracted to the VA world by the freedom the profession offers. There is the freedom to choose when to work and for what amount of time. And you can choose to work as a virtual assistant in many fields.

For example, if you are passionate about designing, you can choose to be a graphic designer.

On the other hand, the flexible nature of the VA profession means you can also choose whether to work full-time or part-time. Additionally, you can select the number of hours and time of day you work.

Even better, you can agree with clients to respect the schedule you have set for yourself. This kind of freedom is a mere dream for many people working nine-to-five full-time jobs.

2. You Can Work from Anywhere

As a virtual assistant, you have a chance to finally live the dream of traveling the world while still young. There are people already living this dream. And you, too, can choose to be a digital nomad where you work while traveling the world.

You only need your computer and an internet connection. Then set your workstation anywhere you like, including a Starbucks café.

Benefits of Working as a Virtual Assistant

3. Increased Productivity

You will be forgiven for thinking that the 8-hour-a-day office employee is more productive to a business than a virtual assistant. But that is not always the case.

A recent productivity study revealed that a person working an eight-hour shift could only be productive for an average of three hours. Employees spend the least time performing their core job functions.

That explains why remote employees are 43% more productive than full-time employees.

The secret to remaining productive as a virtual assistant is planning your working schedule to match your productivity levels, especially if you currently serve many clients.

Remember, you have a reputation to protect. Clients will leave bad reviews if you fail to deliver quality work for the services you are hired to provide. So, slacking off isn’t an option for you.

4. Improved Working Efficiency

Employers try to save on labor costs by asking their employees to handle multiple roles within the firm. Some don’t even care whether you are qualified to handle the tasks they bestow on you.

But working as a virtual assistant allows you to match your skills and specialization. Doing this makes you more efficient since you’ll be performing the roles you love. When you’re efficient, you can also be able to handle more clients with minimum pressure.

5. You Earn What You Charge    

Being a virtual assistant qualifies you as self-employed. That means being your boss and choosing your pay rate. You can negotiate with your potential clients for the amount you feel you are worth based on your level of experience. You will also negotiate with the client whether your payment will be hourly or project-based.

Benefits of Working as a Virtual Assistant

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