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In need of a complete process and workflow buildout or make-over? Let us create your fundamental workflows, processes, custom proposals, emails, and SOPs.

Let us automate your promotional sales, educational, and welcome emails for up to a year and you’ll never miss another important email again!

Create a workflow that automatically flows from your CRM (Dubsado, Click Up, Honeybook, Monday, etc), an SMS system, and an Email Marketing tool!

business automation and virtual assistant

A million ideas but limited bandwidth? 


Entrepreneurs usually have tons of brilliant sales promotions, customer programs, and expansion opportunities,  but they don’t have the capacity…

The solution? Automation

Automation is the secret ingredient you’ve been missing in your business. It’s the key to increasing your revenue with less effort. Some people may confuse it for robots or AI taking over all the decisions, which they fear can make their systems focus on efficiency over authenticity. 

Well, guess what? From now on, I’d like you to think of automation as guiding angels. If you’re tired of experimenting with “shiny tools” that don’t seem to increase your revenue… 

A proper foundational system setup can help you and your business save more time, money, and freedom. Trust me, the right system and tools WILL complement your business – not complicate things!

business automation and virtual assistant

We create lead generation to lead conversion workflows. We provide a complete business setup from the sales funnel/landing page to the onboarding process for your clients.

Are you using a CRM (Dubsado, ClickUp, Honeybook, Monday, etc.), an SMS system, an Email Marketing tool (Klayvio, Mailchimp, etc.), and a Scheduler (Acuity, Calendly, etc.)? We connect your favorite business tools and create workflows that allow them to communicate with each other seamlessly!

Your clients keep you in business,  and we focus on creating an unbeatable, memorable, and impactful experience for your clients. We create powerful custom onboarding journeys, systematic workflows, and email marketing systems.

How your clients perceive you is paramount! We design your vision for the world to see. We also offer website maintenance and management services!

Sending emails can be a hassle to send manually, especially when your target audience is awaiting updates from you. Why not automate your promotional sales emails for up to a year? We can!

Your clients deserve a customized portal to store documents, files, share photos, and complete forms! This portal can be created with Google Drive or Dubsado!

Managing the day-to-day activities of your business can get tedious and time-consuming. We provide administrative support ranging from bookkeeping to daily tasks.

We provide complete project support from team management to detailed daily reporting.

Your clients deserve to be cared for with grace and excellence. We ensure all the onboarding and offboarding tasks are prepared and completed for ultimate client success!


Dub’s Pretty Links

Package Starting From: $250

Who it’s for: Dubsado users who are tired of the simplistic forms and would like a custom website form with custom plugins and widgets.

What it is: We will custom design a web-based Dusbado form to showcase your brand on a professional and cleaner level.

What’s Included:

  • Recorded Strategy Session
  • Dubsado Integration
  • Live Workflow Mapping
  • Custom Widgets
  • Custom Plugins
  • Logic Conditions

Streamlined Systems Audit

Package: $497

Who it’s for: E-commerce business owners, small business owners, churches – no limit here! This is for you if you’re tired and overwhelmed with the day-to-day activities of your business and are still doing most things manually.

What it is: This is an overall audit of your current systems. We can show you tools, workflows, and strategies for optimal productivity and efficiency so you can focus on bigger-picture tasks.

What’s Included:

  • Recorded Strategy Session
  • Complete System Evaluation
  • Pain Points Intensive
  • Live Workflow Mapping
  • Overview of Business Processes
  • Workflow Optimization
  • Offered Support Hours

Website, Sale Funnels, and Landing Page

Packages Starting From: $450

Who it’s for: All kinds of entrepreneurs and organizations. This is for you if you’re not happy with your current website’s look and feel or conversion. This is also for anyone looking to upsell or down-sell offers, promos, and attract more clients to sign up for them. 

What it is: A full overview to determine which tools you can use to proudly display your services – and have your clients come running to you! Be it creating a website or redesigning one, to crafting an effective sales/landing page – we’ve got you!

What’s Included:

  • (3) custom branded pages/sections (i.e., Home, About Us, and Contact Page) which includes (3) sections (i.e title/intro + (2) body sections)
  • (4) custom copywriting sections for Google search optimization
  • (3) custom branded graphics (such as a banner, header, or footer)
  • Optimized and configurated your mobile responsiveness
  • (4) website revisions
  • Offered Support Hours
  • Optional Monthly Maintenance
  • Optional Monthly Hosting
  • Documented Processes – SOPs (recorded & written)
  • Access to Client SOP Library

Client Experience & Journey

Packages Starting From: $1,250

Who it’s for: Any and every kind of business or organization looking to create meaningful touchpoints to build trust with prospective clients and make their current ones feel cared for.

What it is: We’ll help you create automated (yet personalized) campaigns that nurture and connect with your audience through welcome sequences, newsletters, or campaigns. We also offer 6-month or 12-month email marketing campaigns you won’t have to think about for the rest of the year. 

What’s Included: 

  • (3) Automated Email Sequences which includes 36 emails 

  • Brand Designed Graphics

  • Brand Designed Copy

  • Canned Email Templates

  • Marketing Opt-In Template

  • Workflow Optimization

  • Complete Walkthrough

  • Optional VIP DAY Services*

  • Offered Support Hours

  • Documented Processes – SOPs (recorded & written)

  • Access to Client SOP Library

Streamlined Systems Setup

Packages Starting From: $2,500

Who it’s for: Organizations and business owners who still send everything manually using too many tools. Anyone tired of having to reinvent the wheel every time they send out a new contract or onboard clients – and the list goes on! This is for anyone looking to protect their creativity and time. 

What it is: We provide efficient workflows, processes, and tools for the foundation of your business. This may include client lead capture to client portal solutions. You won’t just create a workflow for you but teach you how to efficiently sustain this newfound system. What’s more, you’ll even get a crown! (Yes, you can take our word for it.)  

What’s Included: 

  • Dubsado or ClickUp Setup (Bundle Available)

  • Brand Designed Proposals, Lead Captures, & Questionnaires

  • Customized Web-Designed Dubsado form (view here)

  • Integrated Appointment Scheduler

  • Creation of Personalized Internal + Client Dashboards

  • Canned Email Templates

  • Workflow Optimization

  • Zapier integrations & process automation

  • Complete Walkthrough

  • Offered Support Hours

  • Documented Processes – SOPs (recorded & written)

  • Access to Client SOP Library

tech automation
why work with the Royal Executive Assistant LLC

Some Of My Favorite Tools

business automation and virtual assistant

We first establish a foundation personalized to each client through a consultative approach, instilling a safe and secure form of demand. Of course, the primary purpose of a foundation is also its main benefit. However, its role is far more critical than just a standing stone. A good foundation ensures a steady take-off; it creates motivation and builds zeal.

Understanding your business needs is one of the most important goals throughout this process. Within the Deep Support Analysis (aka our Strategy Session), we dedicate our time specifically to how, when, and what works best.

This is the simplest of them all. You’ve committed, and now we will perform our promises. Throughout this time, we communicate the process and meet your business needs while achieving our goal to grant you peace of mind.



Our ideal client is you. You are a business owner, small or corporate. You are an e-commerce business owner. You are a business or life coach. You are a realtor. The list continues. Our ideal clients are those in need of automation.


We primarily focus on all things automation but do offer general administrative services such as email management, calendar management, data entry, etc. Admin packages start at $250 for 5 hours.

We provide social media management services starting at $175 weekly. This service includes content creation, hashtag research, engagement, and scheduling. We also provide a two-week, four-week, and monthly account analysis.

We offer a website development and maintenance service. Website packages start at $450.

We create landing pages and funnels starting at $275.

For inquires on other services, please feel free to ask.


We encourage full payments but can incorporate a payment plan based on project stages.


Yes, you are granted five business days of additional administrative support upon the completion of your project. Additional support requested at a later day will be offered and can be purchased.


To expedite your project, we charge a $650 service fee.


The long answer is, as a virtual service we pride ourselves on providing a quality service that is designed and personalized to your needs. We are open to discussing your reasons for requesting a refund.

The simple answer is no.

Automation saves time, money, energy, and lives.

Let’s be honest, I am not here to pressure you into believing automation can fix all your problems. It may not. However, once you’ve set in place fundamental system automation such as onboarding sequences that include client welcome packages, birthday e-cards, and client portals. Or even setting up your sale promotion emails for the rest of the year. I guarantee you will see better results in your overall business structure.

It takes one single moment, such as thing one, to commit to investing in your business and most importantly yourself in order to see massive results. You’ve already taken the first step by being here, now pivot, and progress into your future with ease.

are you ready to invest in your business?
virtual assistant business automation



Where do you see yourself in two weeks, a month, a year? Are you overwhelmed? Exhausted? In need of rejuvenating self-care?

When was the last time you had a real break? Not just for a day or two but a week, maybe even two weeks if we’re talking about exploring the world!

imagine if you could…

  • Scale your business on a massive level.

  • Focus solely on creating content for your business.

  • Take on more clients and create a quality client experience.

  • Spend more time with your family away on vacation.

In the business world, there is constant pressure to improve efficiency through automation. The argument goes that anything that can be automated, should be automated in order to save time and money. However, this mindset can often lead to inefficiency as people are pushed to do more with less. Streamlining your systems through automation does not make you inauthentic!

In some cases, automation can actually lead to inactivity, as people are given fewer chances to interact with their work. This can lead to a decrease in creativity and innovation, as well as a loss of knowledge and skills.

It is important to remember that automation should be used to enhance efficiency, not replace human interaction. When done correctly, automation can help streamline processes and improve productivity. We are here to help guide you to freedom through systems and automation!

Marie was the missing piece to my madness.

Amid my frustration and on the verge of giving up on my business, I came across Marie’s Instagram page. Our first conversation was very detailed and enlightening. My business was functioning just fine, but I was doing everything manually. Marie suggested I automate everything. She created such a great visual as to what was needed to reconstruct and how she could accomplish it. Long story short, Marie and her team created everything from scratch, even provided me with detailed walkthroughs I could troubleshoot with on my own. I appreciate her patience with me. She is highly recommended.