How to Find Your Ideal Client as A Virtual Assistant (And Market to Them)

September 22, 2022

how to find your ideal client

Your VA business will succeed fast when you know how to find your ideal client. The day you decided to become a VA, you may have imagined yourself working with a certain type of client. That client you thought about is your dream client.

But do you know how to attract and convert them into paying customers? The secret is to first determine whether they are your ideal clients before investing your time into trying to convert them.

how to find your ideal client

Who is an Ideal Client?

An ideal client is a customer whose needs match your services and expertise. Figuring out how to find these clients and converting them into paying customers is equivalent to striking gold in a virtual assistant business.

But how do you do that?

Start by Defining the Benefits of Your Virtual Assistant Services

By now, you may have realized that many virtual assistants are offering services similar to yours and you are competing for the same clients. Therefore, the only way to win that ideal client is to stand out from the competition.

You do this by demonstrating to the clients the value they stand to gain by hiring you as their virtual assistant. Your biggest task is making your ideal client understand your value proposition.   The term value proposition describes clearly why a customer would choose your services. At its core, it states clearly and precisely what benefits the client may receive by giving you their business. It speaks directly to their challenges, giving you the opportunity to make the case for your company as the solution to their problem.

The value you offer should be visible in all your profiles. For example, this information should appear in your LinkedIn profile’s “About” section.

Using keywords while describing these benefits is an added advantage for you. It makes you more visible to your ideal client on search engines.

Focus on the Pain Points You Solve

67% of business owners hired at least one virtual assistant in 2021 alone. That’s because virtual assistants contribute to the cost-effectiveness and flexibility of most small businesses.

Businesses also hire virtual assistants for other specific reasons. These reasons are the “pain points” we’re talking about here.

You need to answer the question: What specific needs would drive a client to hire a virtual assistant with my respective skills and qualifications?

Understanding these pain points would help you understand the client’s business needs and goals. Therefore, you will be better placed to provide the specific solutions your ideal client is searching for in a VA. For example, the client might be feeling overwhelmed and stressed by an increase in social media attention as well as product demand. The solution; hiring you means creating consistency in social engagement while the client focuses on one of their core business functions, satisfying product demand. In addition, it would create more free time to spend with their family and go on vacations.

You also need to focus on the ideal client’s fears and beliefs. Show them why they should not shy away from hiring you. Sell yourself in a way that eliminates the client’s reservations about working with someone they have never met before. But don’t forget to be honest and create boundaries.

how to find your ideal client

Create a Profile of Your Ideal Client

By now, you’ve pointed out and understood your ideal client’s pain points and the benefits your VA services can offer to the client. These are more than enough to help you develop your ideal client profile. Remember, you’ll use this profile to market your services online.

From the information you have gathered, you can now develop the demographic characteristics of your ideal clients. Also, assess the ideal client’s behavioral patterns. The information will serve you best when developing your marketing strategies. If your ideal client spends more time on Facebook or Instagram in the late afternoons after work, it might be best to focus your marketing efforts in these places at this ideal time.

The profile will also help you choose your virtual assistant service rates as it’ll help you determine the ability and willingness of the clients to pay for this value.

Note that: setting your VA service rates before creating an ideal client profile will be like putting the cart before the horse. You may lose potential clients if they consider your rates too extravagant for the value you are offering.  It is also important to note, that sometimes you may find your ideal client but they don’t currently have the budget to sustain their needs.

Focus Your Marketing around Your Ideal Client’s Profile

Creating the right marketing message and targeting strategy can be difficult and expensive at the same time. However, it will be easier for you now that your ideal client’s profile is in place. For example, it will be easy to target a client using the messaging of their pain points. You know what their looking for, so speak to them!

All that remains is to optimize your content, and you will have the perfect marketing message for your target customer.

The ideal client profile you created earlier also contains their behavioral patterns. Use these characteristics to determine the most effective marketing strategy. For example, if the ideal clients are active on social media, find out the times they are most active. Then schedule your social media campaigns and content to publish at around that time.

Network Consistently

Networking is one of the sure ways to grow your virtual assistant business. Every day is an opportunity for you to interact and spread your brand message to new potential clients. Having defined your ideal client, networking will be easy as you will network with contacts that fulfill your ideal client profile. Also, try networking with connections that interact with your ideal clients. They can be a good source of referral for your virtual assistant business.

how to find your ideal client

Where to Find More Tips on How to Find Your Ideal Client

There are certainly more tips on how to find your ideal client and market to them. You can learn these tips by including other experienced virtual assistants in your professional network. Join the Royal VA Community to grow your network and become a part of the professional discussion.

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