How to Learn These 4 in-Demand Virtual Assistant Skills for Free

October 24, 2022

class of in-Demand Virtual Assistant Skills

As you work on your skills, remember to learn these in-demand virtual assistant skills that employers are seeking. These skills will boost your chances of getting hired as a virtual assistant.

Now, you don’t have to pay to learn these skills. There are free methods to perfect your craft and bag your next client.

First, you need to identify these in-demand virtual assistant skills. Then learn them for free following the methods outlined below.

in-Demand Virtual Assistant Skills

Social Media Management

Social media trends are here to stay. That’s why businesses have found ways of embracing and using online platforms to gain a competitive advantage.

Businesses hire social media managers to help them derive a competitive advantage. VA clients want you to help them:

  • Develop lasting relationships with their customers
  • Use social media to generate new leads for their sales funnel
  • Create brand awareness for their products and services
  • Develop and implement social media marketing strategies
  • Monitor analytics for the achievement of KPIs

Content Creation

Bill Gates once said, “content is king.” Every word in this quote is accurate. There is more demand for data and information than ever. It is why content creation is one of the in-demand virtual assistant skills.

As a content creator, you will be tasked with producing SEO content to aid businesses in their digital marketing efforts. Some of the responsibilities you will be performing for your clients include:

  • Keyword research
  • Writing blog posts
  • Creating social media captions
  • Writing email marketing content
  • SEO content analysis

Graphics Designing

Close to content creation is graphic design. Best SEO practice demand that images and videos should accompany any great content.

And it is not just any images you find on the internet and fix on your content. The images have to be optimized.

You can be the professional businesses hire to perform this task for them if you are skilled in using design tools such as Canva.


The survival of a business relies on its ability to remain a going concern. Businesses must maintain reliable accounting records to achieve this goal.

They also need to maintain these records for compliance purposes and to maintain payrolls and file mandatory tax returns.

Most entrepreneurs choose to delegate bookkeeping tasks to their virtual assistants. Maintaining all these records and preparing the payroll may steal precious time from an entrepreneur’s busy schedule.

Now, you may acquire these skills by using one of the following platforms.

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HubSpot Academy

You probably know HubSpot for being a top award-winning CRM and email software. You may not know that it has an academy that offers competitive courses.

HubSpot Academy offers free marketing, sales, web development, email marketing, and customer service courses. They also offer a comprehensive course on their HubSpot software.

These courses offer the skills you need to be a successful social media manager, sales funnel expert, and content creator. They have a comprehensive lesson on how you can create SEO content that will rank.

The best thing is that they offer certification when you complete some of their course. These certifications are widely recognized by employers and hiring agencies.

Google Academy

SEO focuses on achieving a high search engine ranking. With Google being the largest search engine that businesses focus on, then it is okay to say the best place to learn the skill is by using Google Academy itself.

They offer courses in SEO, analytics, and Google ad manager. Even better, they award you certification upon successful completion of your course.

The Freelance University

You may also know it as The VA Classroom. It is an online university that offers training to virtual assistants and freelancers.

They train in the most in-demand VA skills, such as social media management, internet marketing, and content creation. The university also takes the extra step of connecting you to potential employers.

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Learn the in-Demand Virtual Assistant Skills through Networking

You can also learn most of these skills through networking with the best VAs in the respective fields. Join the Royal VA Community where top professionals share secrets they use to learn new skills fast and bag high-paying clients.

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