How to Nurture Leads As a Virtual Assistant: 5 Strategies that Work

September 28, 2022

how to nurture leads

Regardless of your career or field, learning how to nurture leads is of utmost importance. Being a virtual assistant, you too will need to learn how to nurture leads. Competition is fierce and only the VAs who are resilient come out successful. It’ll also help you retain more clients and increase your income.

Nurturing leads involves developing and cultivating relationships with customers and guiding your prospects through every stage of the sales funnel.

The process of nurturing leads impacts your prospect’s decisions on whether or not they’d like to convert into paying clients. Yet not many business owners know how to build an actionable lead nurturing strategy. According to a 2021 Lead Nurturing & Acceleration Survey, 84% of respondents said lead nurturing was challenging. However, they acknowledge that lead nurturing would greatly improve their performance.

These statistics explain why you need a robust lead nurturing strategy as a virtual assistant.

how to nurture leads

Why You Need a Lead Nurturing Strategy

The ultimate goal of lead nurturing is to convert more prospects into paying customers. It is however important not to overlook the other benefits it offers.. Here are some reasons you should develop a lead nurturing strategy as a virtual assistant.

  • It helps to keep your target audience engaged
  • It establishes you as an industry expert
  • It creates brand awareness
  • It helps you gain your target audience’s trust

So, how can you improve your lead nurturing as a virtual assistant to enjoy all of these benefits?

1. Prioritize Business Automation

Automation makes synchronization of all lead nurturing efforts seamless. It improves efficiency in coordinating all your lead nurturing efforts. Automation also ensures that you communicate more effectively with your clients and prospects. It increases transparency in the process, which makes your target audience trust you even more.

Moreover, it decreases the cost and the time you spend on nurturing leads by eliminating manual, repetitive tasks.

2. Leverage Targeted Content

By now, you have already developed a data-driven buyer persona for your virtual assistant services. Therefore, you can better understand your ideal VA client‘s pain points.

That makes it easy to write content that addresses the specific needs of your target audiences. Targeted content displays you as the best virtual assistant to provide value-adding solutions to these needs.

Having unique buyer personas also enables you to choose the channels to use to publish your targeted content. Your persona’s goals, marketing triggers, interests, and behavioral patterns will inform you where and when to publish the targeted content.

how to nurture leads

3. Focus on Multiple Touches

You can focus on multiple touches in your lead nurturing thanks to prioritizing business automation. According to an Online Marketing Institute study, delivering a qualified sales lead takes about 7-13 touches. The reason is that your prospects may require various touches to warm up to the idea of converting into paying customers.

Therefore you need a mix of content that your prospects will find useful and engaging at every stage of their buyer journey. The content should address the concerns and challenges they face at each stage.

For example, blogs may be good for engaging your prospects at the awareness stage. However, case studies and testimonials would best suit a prospect at the decision stage.

4. Use Personalized Content

Developing personalized content such as marketing emails is vital to achieving your prospects’ trust. It also adds value to the content you put out for your customers, hence increasing their engagement.

According to a Mckinsey study, 71% of consumers expect businesses to deliver personalized interactions. 76% of consumers get frustrated by businesses’ failure to deliver personalized content. While 41% of consumers have gone as far as switching businesses for lack of personalization.

The following is an example of what your target clients expect.

how to nurture leads

Source: Mckinsey

5. Use Behavioral-Based Email Marketing Campaign

Another effective way of converting your virtual assistant leads is using behavioral-based email marketing. Under this system, you can schedule emails to be automatically sent to your lead once they take a specific action on your website.

For example, you can have a welcome email sent to every lead that subscribes to your mailing list. Such email campaigns enable you to send the right content at the right time to your target clients.

Get Personalized Help on How to Nurture Your Leads

The best place to get personalized tips on nurturing your leads is from experienced VAs who have used these tips to secure high-paying clients. Join the Royal VA Community for meaningful discussions on how to grow your virtual assistant business.


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