Top 5 Factors to Consider When Choosing Custom Email Marketing Software

October 10, 2022

Custom Email Marketing Software

By getting custom email marketing software for your business, you will get closer to achieving your overall goals. Custom email marketing software will also help you be competitive in the modern business environment.

Because customers consider email marketing to be one of the least intrusive communication channels. But don’t believe it just yet; let’s review the email marketing facts you need to be aware of.

Why You Need to Take Email Marketing Seriously

Compared to other digital marketing techniques, most customers prefer email marketing. A recent email marketing research by Marketing Sherpa shows a majority of customers prefer to receive promotional emails.

Custom Email Marketing Software

Source: MarketingSherpa

Consumers want to receive newsletters from companies because they consider them informative. That allows your business to use email marketing as a lead nurturing tool.

On the other hand, when done right, email marketing has ROI and can rack up an impressive $36 for every $1 you spend. Experts expect email marketing revenue to rise to about $ 11 billion by 2023.

Getting yourself that custom email marketing software puts you in a position to benefit from this projected revenue. Therefore, you need to consider the following factors when choosing your software.

1. Essential Features

The first instinct that comes to your mind when shopping for something is determining its features. What attributes can best define the software you are about to buy?

The software features determine what you can or can’t do with it. Also, email marketers have to comply with certain customer data policies. Does this software put you in a position to do that?

The following is a sample checklist of the minimum features your email marketing software should have.

A/B Testing Feature

To maximize your email marketing ROI, A/B testing helps determine which email marketing approach works best for your customers. You can conduct this test on various aspects of your email marketing, such as email marketing templates, subject lines, personalization strategies, and body colors. The stats from these tests should inform which email marketing elements trigger better customer engagement rates.

CAN-SPAM Compliance

The CAN-SPAM Act sets the rules for commercial emails and establishes requirements for commercial messages. It also gives the recipients the right to stop you from sending them any more emails. Your email marketing software should help you meet the minimum requirements set by the act.

Conversion Tracking

One of the ways you can measure your email marketing performance is through click-through and open rates. These are stats you can receive with the right email marketing software. Your software should inform you of how your email campaigns are performing in real time.

Message Automation Feature

It should be the primary feature of your email marketing software. That makes it easier for you to send personalized automated emails based on customer triggers. For example, a welcome email for a lead subscribing to your mailing list.

Support System

Does the software have a support system for its customers? How effective is the support system?

2. Integration with Products and other Systems

When choosing your email marketing software, you need to check out its integration abilities. Getting software that cannot integrate with other business systems may do you more harm than good.

The assumption is that you should already have an automation system by the time you think of email software. At the very least, it should be compatible with the automation system you have in your business.

It should also integrate with your automation analytic tools like Google Analytics. As mentioned, you should aim to achieve an ROI for your email marketing efforts. That requires you to have some KPIs for your email marketing performance. Integrating your software with analytics tools helps you measure this performance.

The email marketing software should also integrate with your sales funnel. That is if you plan to use email marketing for lead generation and nurturing. It should also integrate fine with your ecommerce site to cater to your paying customers’ needs.

Custom Email Marketing Software

3. Software Price

When making any purchasing decision in your business, price is always a vital consideration. Your focus is to get value for the money you spend on such software.

In this regard, there is no point in paying an extravagant price for software that doesn’t have many features. Moreover, you can be tempted to pay more for software that has added benefits or if you expect your email marketing needs to grow in the future.

The software subscription plan should also be an important aspect of your pricing consideration. Software with a flexible subscription plan would be a good option for a small business.

4. Sender IP Reputation

Before buying email marketing software, research its IP reputation. Email service providers like Gmail rely on a sender’s IP reputation when filtering email messages for spam.

You acquire your provider’s IP address every time you send an email using email marketing software. Remember, all the users of this software use this IP address. And each of these users influences its reputation depending on email behaviors.

The research will help you identify reputable providers who are IP’s reputation. Customer reviews of this software can help answer your IP reputation questions

An example of a provider that protects its IP reputation is ConvertKit. The List Goal tool monitors your email list for deliverability, suspicious activity, daily subscription count, and un-subscribers. It will signal you a warning when it notices any anomalies in your email list.

5. Ease of Use

There is no point in investing in email marketing software that you cannot use or maintain. Such a system will have no value for your business.

That requires you to be realistic about your skill level. And if you are not skilled enough, are you ready to outsource a virtual assistant with experience dealing with such software?

The provider’s level of customer support also influences the ease of use of your software. That will inform you of the level of support you can receive when you encounter a challenge using the system.

It would be best to acquire a system that you are comfortable using. Remember, it is an investment that you expect to make returns from your marketing efforts.

Custom Email Marketing Software

Need Help with Custom Email Marketing Software?

Choosing the right email marketing software may be challenging, especially if you are unsure of your email marketing needs. So, we have simplified the process for you with our email automation package. Get in touch now and let’s also chat about how we’ll help you accomplish your email marketing needs.


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